Haritaki Benefits

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haritaki benefits

Haritaki has been used in India from various years because of its various health benefits. This herb when combined with Amla and bibitaki constitutes a famous medicine named Triphala. This fruit is named based on Hindu god Hara which is shiva. 

This is widely used in Indian medicine and also in Tibetian medicine, there it is considered as “King of Medicine”. In some places in India the people who are interested to proceed in the path of spirituality are guided to consume this herb, as it increases spiritual awareness

These are the related names of this fruit – “Terminalia Chebula” , “Harad”, “Kadukkai”.

This fruit has got many health benefits below are the few ones


1. Improves Digestion

The nature of this fruit is such that it helps in improving the digestion strength.


2. Purifies Body

Harad fruit helps in the purification of the blood


3. This fruit is of laxative nature so it will help in the situation of constipation.

Terminalia chebula-constipation

4. If some one is suffering from vata dosha, it is one of the herbs which helps in controlling that.

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As there are many health benefits of Haritaki it is widely used in India and Indian medical Systems from thousands of years..

The details given here is only for information purpose, please consult your doctor before intaking it.

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