Amla Benefits

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amla benefits

This fruit is one of the commonly used fruit in India for years because of its great nutritive quality. It is one of the ingredients of Triphala a medicine from Ayurveda and it is also the main ingredient of the famous rejuvenation jam called Chyawanprash which was formulated by the great sage Chywan. Eating Amla fruit or having the juice of this fruit has many health benefits.

1. Improves Immunity

Amla is one of the best source of Vitamin C, so it increases immunity and helps in the prevention of common illnesses like common cold, flu, etc.

2. Boosts Memory

Regular consumption of this Indian gooseberry improves the clarity of thought and memory So the efficiency of brain can be improved.

3. Beats Weakness

As this fruit increases the energy level in the body it can be treated for weakness or Chyawanprash jam can be useful for that.

4. Supports Healthy Blood

It acts as a blood purifier for some extent, this Amalakki fruit helps in managing good Haemoglobin level and red blood cell count.

5. Promotes Weight Loss

This Amalaki fruit removes toxins, fights inflammation and helps in burning of the fat.

6. Acne

This fruit as this supports healthy blood so it helps in treating acne.

7. Bramacharya or Celibacy

The people who are on the path of strict brahmacharya or spirituality, sexual abstinence becomes one of the important rules to follow. As this naturally decreases body heat this helps in controlling the lustful thoughts and promotes to follow the path of celibacy.

indian gooseberry benefits

8. Body Heat

The people who are always into the consumption of nonvegetarian foods and also some people tend to feel a sense of more body heat within them during that situation consumption of its juice will surely be helpful


Due to the huge benefits of this Amla fruit, it is widely used in India. In Indian households and in Indian medical systems.

Who should not Use It

People who are suffering from Acidity should not use it, as this fruit is sour in taste and may disturb the stomach.

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